Medical Journal Reading & Writing

Herewith a brief account on medical journal reading and writing practice. Before anyone of note can do any reading, the writing must be done. In the area of medicine and science, it can take years before a qualified stakeholder within the health services industry is able to complete a first draft of his expertly drawn up manuscript. So many hours, days and months are poured into more reading and research work required. And research work is also highly practical. Laboratory tests and field work will be conducted. And by the time that book gets published, it is sadly restricted in its use.

implant dentistry journal

For one thing, such specialized books, known as scientific or academic journals, are quite expensive to purchase. Medical stakeholders, of course, will go out of their way to make the purchase because it will be essential to their own business development. Patients and customers, for the time being, will have no alternative but to put their trust and faith in the medical practitioners, seemingly the only ones privy to all vital information. But not anymore. Many of these expensive and voluminous tomes have been fortuitously cut down to size.

It has become essential for as many documents as possible to be transferred to the internet in the form of online medical, science or academic journals. The original idea was to give, for example, dentistry practitioners and technologists privileged information on new technologies and product developments and practices in regard to dental implants by way of an online implant dentistry journal. But whether this is coincidence or fortuitous, all medical stakeholders’ clients and patients also have full access to these journals.

That is the nature of the internet today. It is an open book and all material, well, most of it anyway, is free to use.