Should You Get a Liquor License? 3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

With a liquor license, it is possible to serve or sell alcoholic beverages to patrons and customers in a bar, restaurant, or other establishment in the state of Texas. Many different positions require possession of the license to legally sell alcohol. The TABC provides the license to those who’ve successfully completed the appropriate testing to earn the license.

If you’re interested in working a job that sells liquor, you’ll need to obtain the permit. When you have the permit, the entire establishment is protected and you can serve customers when they come inside. But, there are so many more reasons that you shouldn’t wait any longer to obtain your liquor license in Texas. People who earn their license earn more money and do more to protect the community. But, is this something that is right for you? Ask yourself the following 3 questions to decide.

liquor license in Texas

1- Do You Want to Work in the Industry?

When you earn a liquor license, you can then work as a bartender at a local nightclub or a restaurant, own a business that serves alcohol, etc. Before you take the testing, do you really want to work in such an industry? It is lucrative to many, but how do you feel?

2- When Can You Take the Test?

The liquor license testing is administered only on certain dates and times.  You must schedule a time to take the test during one of the scheduled time slots. There is a fee for the test that you must pay.  Successful completion of the test requires that you earn a 75% or better.

3- Should I Study for the TABC Testing?

Like any test that you’re taking, it is important to study ahead of time. Don’t assume that you know the information on the test and fail to study. A few minutes can make a big difference in your test scores.