When You Need New Teeth

Maybe you have just found out that you have to have teeth extracted or it has already been done and you are wondering what to do. The typical course of action has been to get bridges or partial dentures and even full dentures. That is just the way it goes. Or is it?

Better Options for New Teeth

Since cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn is so advanced, you can get artificial teeth implanted to replace the teeth that have been extracted. That is right, you can have new, permanent teeth implanted where the old ones were.

This means you will not have to have that bridge work done. You will not have to have partial dentures or even full dentures. No matter how many teeth have been removed, you can get the implants and be just fine. They work just like the original teeth and promote better dental health than the alternative.

Implant Advantages

When you lose teeth, you also start to lose bone in the jaw and that can lead to a sunken look of the face. It can also cause teeth that still remain to migrate and move astray, creating even more dental problems.

cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn

Dentures do not restore bone mass and protect the remaining teeth but dental implants do. Implants stimulate bone growth and they hold the other teeth to their proper locations just like real teeth would do.

Getting it Done

All you have to do in order to get dental implant is go to see a good cosmetic dentist. They will get you looking and feeling good again. Though it is considered a cosmetic procedure, there are other advantages as described. You will have full function of real teeth once again.

Now you can smile with confidence and live as though you never lost any teeth at all. Enjoy your restored smile and dental health.